1912 Firehouse

The S.A.H.S. acquired the Old 1912 Saukville Firehouse Station from the Village of Saukville on December 30, 1998. Plans are to create a museum inside of the building to restore it’s history. Exterior photographs are now available in the photo album.

Firehouse Restoration Project (2015)

Ethnic Corridor

As part of the German Tour I, Saukville is the oldest, European-settled community in Ozaukee County. As early as 1679, French Voyageurs established trading settlements and by 1837, immigrant settlers operated business establishments here.

Payne Hotel

In 1991, the Payne Hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hotel, located at the intersection of the historic Dekora Military Road and the old Green Bay Trail, was built in 1848 by the founder of Saukville, William Payne.

Saukville History Books

The historical development of the area has been researched and was published in 1993 in a book by John Boatman, professor of American Indian and Ethnic Studies at The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. The book is over 600 pages long and contains information about Saukville from the early 1600’s to the late 1960’s.

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In 2002, a new history book was published. This new book had been in the making for years by brothers James and John Peterson of Saukville. The book contains a pictoral history of Saukville from photos collected by the brothers and others lent to the brothers for the book.

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Saukville History Book
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